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The main aim of the University of Economics and Culture (EKA) in science and research development is to raise competitiveness of the EKA by forming strong basis of scientific infrastructure and human resources, strengthening cooperation between science and business sector, developing transfer of research results into entrepreneurship, this way investing into accomplishment of the Development Strategy of Latvia’s aim.

In June 2016, the Strategy for Science Development for the 2016-2020 period were developed (see here), as well as the Operation Plan of the Strategy for Science for 2016/2017 (see here). Main priorities of the Strategy for Science Development

  • To promote integration of science, research and study process
  • To increase identification of the EKA brand in Latvian and world scientific environment
  • To develop scientific potential of the EKA academic personal and to raise scientific qualification
  • To raise innovative capacity of the EKA and to stimulate creation of innovative products and projects


P1 Matching HEI Students’ and Graduates’ Competencies and Labour Market Needs

  • Demand for IT specialists in labour market
  • HEI students′ and graduates′ needed competences to promote employment
  • Demand for lawyers in labour market

P2Different facets of Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Corporate social responsibility in the field of education
  • Corporate social responsibility in the field of entrepreneurship

P3Citizens’ Competencies as a Driver of Human Securitability

  • Legal competences of the inhabitants of Latvia in the financial issues
  • Citizens′ ICT competencies

P4 Effective Application of Teaching Methods for Higher Quality of Study Process and Better Study Results

P5 Digital Learning Environment : Challenges and Opportunities

  • Use of digital learning environment to raise quality and accessibility of education

P6 Matching Documents of Legal Public and Private Subjects and Regulatory Requirements

  • Matching Documents of Legal Public and Private Subjects and Regulatory Requirements

P7Intellectual Capital: Meaning, Management, Protection

  • Investments into intellectual capital
  • Legal framework of intellectual property

P8 Business value management

  • Valuation of business activities results and estimation of business value
  • Biznesa vērtību ietekmējošie faktori / Влияющие на ценность бизнеса факторы / Factors that influence business value

P9 Creative industry developmentas a prerequisite of sustainable development of Latvian regions

  • Influence of cultural events and objects on development of Latvian regions

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