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Hey, Erasmus!

New semester is approaching very fast and so is your Erasmus. On behalf of ESN Rīga I would like to welcome all of you in your new city for the next semester. We have worked hard on events for you so you can enjoy your stay and Erasmus in the best way! ESN Rīga invites you to participate in Welcome Week (27.08. - 2.09.) events:

  • Riga Old Town tour (27.08.) - join ESN Rīga on old town tour to know more about the heart of the city and spend some great time together with other Erasmus students! Tour will take around 1,5 hours so make sure you′re dressed appropriately! After tour we will socialize at Pēterbaznīcas Kvartāls.
  • Erasmus Bowling (28.08.) - you will have a chance do to a little competition with other Erasmus students by playing bowling. Don′t forget to buy two public transport tickets!
  • Pub Crawl (29.08.) - biggest event for Erasmus students on Welcome Week. You will have a chance to see night life in Riga, explore bars of the city and dance until the dawn. You have to be there!
  • Traditional Lunch at Lido (30.08.) - After crazy night we will take you to try real Latvian taste! Be aware that you will be able to order freely so you will need to pay for your own meal!
  • International dinner (31.08.) - Join us on the most delicious evening of the semester! Show everyone the best dishes from your country and taste a little bit from others! Your task is to prepare traditional food from your country that you would like everyone else to try out. Don′t be shy and participate!
  • Beach Day (1.09.) - On Saturday, if the weather will be pleasant, we will go to Jūrmala, seaside resort city with miles of sandy beaches, swaying pine trees and deliciously fresh air, eclectic architecture and plenty of fun. Your only costs will be train tickets both ways. (Follow our facebook page - event is already out!)
  • ESN Riga goes to Aristotelis (2.09.) - it′s University of Latvia’s new student celebration – the event that starts the path of every LU student! So get ready to spend your first Sunday in the most wonderful atmosphere. It will start at 19:00 at Dome Square with official part and will end with the march until the main building of University of Latvia where the party until dawn with other students from University of Latvia will begin. Ticket price - 5 EUR for LU students, 7 EUR for everyone else. You will also have a chance to buy the tickets at the entrance of the event for 7 EUR. (You can read more about it in our Facebook page!)

After Welcome Week we invite you to join Welcome Party on 6th of September! More information will be available in our Facebook page very soon.

On 13th of September we will have Boat party. Tickets cost 10 EUR. The ticket includes a trip on the boat Vecrīga, snacks on board and a DJ. Tickets will be sold at office hours next week.

As all of you have asked already, office hours will start from 28th of August. This semester on the first week we will provide office hours at University of Latvia main building (Raina boulevard 19, room 125). In attachment you will find graphic with schedule.

Office hours at University of Latvia main building (Raina boulevard 19, room 125):
Monday (27.08.) - ClosedTuesday (28.08.) - 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
Wednesday (29.08.) - 10:00 - 12:00 and 13:00 - 15:00
Thursday (30.08.) - 10:00 - 12:00
Friday (31.09.) - 10:00 - 14:00

In office hours you will have a chance to buy ESNcard and Boat Party (13.09.). Ticket to Aristotelis (2.09.) you can buy in LU Student council office (room 144).

If you haven′t signed up yet for your ESNcard, you can do it here.

What is ESNcard and how can you get it?

ESNcard is a membership card of ESN with which you can get access to all the services offered by the ESN and their partners. With the ESNcard you will be able to enjoy thousands of discounts all over the Europe. The aim of it is to support and give opportunities to international students during and after their exchange. ESNcard is valid for one year.

To get your ESNcard you will have to come to our office hours next week and prepare:

10EUR - cost of ESNcard (can pay only by cash, no cards);

Passport size photo of yourself;

More about ESNcard - https://esncard.org

Local partnerships

Click here to see all our partnerships in Riga where you can have discounts by using an ESNcard! New partners will be announced soon in our social pages.

See you all next week!





Студентам из Казахстанa присуждены гранты и скидки на обучение в ЕКА. В целях продвижения латвийского экспорта образования и положительного имиджа ЕКА в Центрально-Азиатском регионе и конкретно Казахстане,...



Внимание! 28 августа Приемная комиссия и ЕКА будет работать до 14:00!.



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Партнёры сняли познавательный видеоролик про ЕКА. Mы всегда рады принимать у себя гостей и недавно к нам приезжали представители агентства REALIZE.UZ. Ребята сняли настоящий репортаж о Риге и о нашем...

IAW 2019


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EKA Rector and Chair of Board took part at the international business conference in Morocco. EKA Rector asoc.prof. Oksana Lentjušenkova  and Chair of Board Anna Saltikova took part at the...



digLAB возможности позволят тестировать студентами созданные игры и проекты виртуальной реальности. digLAB был официально открыт 30 марта 2019 года в EKA University of Applied Sciences. Лаборатория предназначена...



Издана новая книга Эгила Левитса. 15 февраля 2019 года (97 лет назад в этот день была принята Конституция Латвийской Республики) прошло мероприятие в честь выхода новой книги Эгила Левитса, предоставляющего...



Студенты, изучающие компьютерные игры, создали полезную для здоровья игру для школьников. По инициативе группы по здоровью «Repharm», студенты учебной программы «Дизайн и графика компьютерных игр» разработали...

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