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Since January 2017 the University of Economics and Culture (Ekonomikas un kultūras augstskola - EKA) participates in the international project Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Development of Entrepreneurship (SPIDE) within the framework of Erasmus+ programme.

One of the main components of the project is International Career Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICCE). Contributing to the component development, partner institutions should organize two-days ICCE workshops for students. The overall aim of the workshop is to provide students with the opportunity to gain personal experience of how a business works, to understand the role it plays in providing employment and creating prosperity, and to be inspired to improve their own prospects.

During the autumn semester EKA 1st year and 2nd year students participated in the workshop within the framework of the study course “Organisation of the company’s business”. In total 29 students were engaged in the workshop activities. First day of the workshop was devoted to business idea generation and marketing research activities. During the second day students presented their business ideas and business plan. Most of students highly evaluated the workshop usefulness, as well as the main idea of the event.

SPIDE is financed and supported by the European Commission, Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnership (grant agreement No. 2016-1-MK01-KA203-021666).

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