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The EKA University Participates in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Project InVent

Since November 2017, the University of Economics and Culture participates in Erasmus+ strategic partnerships program′s project “InVent - Partnership to develop VET educators in event management with learner-centred approach”.

The project aims to improve skills and competencies of vocational education teachers who work with event management courses, as well as to improve event management education programs according to the labour market and the industry′s latest trends and requirements. The EKA University participation in the project is very important as it offers different event management-related courses in two professional study programmes: college level programme "Management of entertainment industry" and bachelor programme "Cultural Management".

The lead partner of the project is Gecko Programmes in the UK while the project welcomes joint efforts of 10 partner organisations from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Latvia. Association of Latvian Culture Centres alongside with the EKA University presents Latvia in the project. In November 2017, the project partners hold the first meeting in Wolverhampton, UK, where they met each other and developed a task plan.

InVent project is funded and supported by the European Commission within the Erasmus + KA2 Strategic Partnership Programme (Grant Agreement No. 2016-1- MK01-KA203- 021666).

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