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To remind you of the importance of mental well-being, EKA is launching the Happiness Season

 In order to encourage the public during the darkest time of the year, when the mental and physical health of a part of the population has deteriorated due to the pandemic, the School of Economics and Culture is launching the Happiness Season project. The project includes expert guest lectures online, the creation of a book of recipes for happiness, a drawing competition and other activities.

For many people, November is associated with the darkest month of the year. This is the time when a bad mood or even a depressed mood most often occurs. This year, the situation is also exacerbated by the spread of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the government. Several studies show that these restrictions have a negative effect on the mental health of the population, especially young people. The Happiness Season project includes a number of activities that will help improve both mental and physical well-being. It aims to help people increase their sense of happiness in themselves and others.

"For many of us, this is not an easy time - a pandemic, restrictions, stress. The feeling is also affected by the weather and the fact that it is dark most of the day, but at the same time this is also an opportunity when we can dedicate time to ourselves. With this project we want to become a stop for happiness in the daily race, supporting people and encouraging everyone to think that happiness lies not only in material things but also in physical and emotional well-being,” says the author of the project idea, Associate Professor Dr.oec. Oksana Lentjušenkova.




The results of the Walking Championship have become know . After summarizing the active participation in the Walking championship, the winning program is known:. 1st place - Cultural management (together...



EKA SP invites to participate in a walking championship. As you know, walking improves physical and mental health, positive thinking and helps with diseases. That′s why in this gloomy and cold...



Webinar: Finding Balance Amidst Chaos - self and co-regulation in a world of disruption. November 24 at 17:00 online.. Why it is important?. In an increasingly fast changing world we believe that...



EKA announces two creative competitions!. The EKA University of Applied Sciences announces two creative competitions as part of the "Happiness Season".. 1. Share your happiness recipe and become...



Everyone is invited to the guest lecture "Happiness is Simple, Fun and Applicable". November 9 at 12:30.. Lecturer: Prof. Rajesh Pillania, Happiness Strategy Professor, MDI, Gurgaon, Leading Research-Based...



To remind you of the importance of mental well-being, EKA is launching the Happiness Season.  In order to encourage the public during the darkest time of the year, when the mental and physical health...



The winners of the EKA Students′ Council Halloween "meme" competition are known. The spookiest holiday of the year is Halloween, and it is known that fear is easier to overcome with humor and prizes.....



Everyone is invited to participate in the World Happiness Photography Contest. Dear students!. We have gone through an unprecedented COVID crisis. In these times, it is ever more important to stay...



Take part in the EKA SP Halloween "meme" contest!. Spookiest holiday of the year is around the corner - Halloween, and as we know, the best way to get over fear is with humor and prizes.. To make each...

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