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EKA invites you to improve your mental health by participating in the walking championship

Also this year, within the framework of the "Season of Happiness" project of the EKA University of Applied Sciences, everyone is invited to participate in the "Breathe the Autumn" walking championship. The goal of the championship is to improve both - physical and mental health, inviting you to find time to move in the busy daily run, breathe the autumn air and discover more and more new places for walks.

In order to participate in the walking championship, each participant must send a screenshot of their walked kilometers or steps at the end of the day or week to ekasp@gmail.com, indicating their name, study program or position. Active walkers are also encouraged to post pictures of their walks on social media using the hashtags #ieelporudeni and #breathetheautumn.

"I invite everyone to start small - maybe 20 minutes during a lunch break or get off one stop earlier and walk home. After a few days, you will feel more energetic and smile more often!” encouraged by the author of the project idea, EKA Rector, Dr. oec., associate professor Oksana Lentyushenkova. It has been scientifically proven that breathing plays an important role in our health and well-being. It is a valuable tool for lung strengthening, general well-being and disease prevention, as well as stress reduction.

The activity will run from November 7 to 20, and the winner will be announced at the closing event on November 30.

As part of the EKA project "Season of Happiness", we are calling for attention to the mental health of the population and improving it for the second year already. "Season of Happiness" includes educational guest lectures, creative competitions and various activities that promote the feeling of happiness. After the great activity of the previous year, this year as well, now as a tradition, the walking championship "Breathe the Autumn" is taking place again. Not only EKA students and employees, but everyone who wants to improve their well-being is invited to participate.



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EKA invites you to improve your mental health by participating in the walking championship. Also this year, within the framework of the "Season of Happiness" project of the EKA University of Applied...



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