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"Always the first" - we invite you to get to know the 1st floor of the new EKA building

Every important event and every success begin with the first step, reaching any new peak begins with the first rung, and often it is the most important. The term "first" in our lives is associated with various things - to be the first means to discover something new, it means to win not only over your competitors, but sometimes also over yourself. Being first means being motivated, energetic and active. To remind you of this, the name "Always the first" has been assigned to the 1st floor of the new building of the EKA University of Applied Sciences.

Each floor in the new building is given a separate name that embodies the functions and meaning of the rooms on the corresponding floor. Considering that the 1st floor is the place where any student, faculty member or guest of EKA will come first, the name was chosen to remind us that each of us can be the first in some field or event.The Study Information Centre is located on this floor - the place where the study process begins and where every student can get the necessary information or support.

The Study Information Centre is also to some extent the first choice when students need help, so it is only logical that it will also be located on the 1st floor in the new building.

The Courtroom will also be located on this floor - many lectures and seminars are held in the training courtroom for the students of the "Law " study program. Court proceedings are also acted out in this audience, which allows students to better understand the specifics of the profession. In addition to that, the 1st floor will also house traditional study halls.

The Black Auditorium, popular with creative students of EKA, is also located on the 1st floor, which provides ample opportunities for event organization and cultural management students to learn various professional skills and implement different creative activities. This auditorium will be completely black, just as before, with an improvised stage, modern light and sound equipment, the possibility to furnish and rearrange the room as needed. The room′s equipment will allow students to practice public speaking and develop acting skills, as well as watch educational films in a special, cinema-like atmosphere. The auditorium can easily be transformed both into a theatre or cinema hall and into a space for active communication and creativity.

We are sure that the classrooms on the 1st floor and the overall concept will promote students′ motivation on a daily basis and help them be the first in their chosen field. The EKA University of Applied Sciences prepares industry leaders, and we want this motto to be embodied not only in the study content, but also in the surrounding environment, which is of fundamental importance.




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"Always the first" - we invite you to get to know the 1st floor of the new EKA building. Every important event and every success begin with the first step, reaching any new peak begins with the first...



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