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Internationalisation is one of the priorities defined in EKA development strategy. The key objective is to enhance EKA international competitiveness by promoting students and academic staff mobility, strengthening international cooperation, involving foreign academic staff in the study process and supporting integration of international students into  university life, thus contributing to the internationally recognized brand of the university and providing high quality multicultural learning environment.

The vision of EKA internationalisation: EKA is an internationally competitive and recognised, science-based and innovation-oriented higher education institution that:

  • atttracts internationally recognised and qualified employees to perform scientific and academic activities;
  • ensures multicultural environment to support students’ and staff competitiveness both in the local and international labour markets;
  • is a place for globally-known international research and academic events;
  • actively cooperates with other universities, institutions and employers in Latvia and beyond in academic, research and creative activities.

EKA main goals stated in Internationalisation and Modernization Strategy - IMS2028 are:

  • To support EKA staff and students’ excellence by providing opportunities and motivating to participate in international mobility
  • To establish the multicultural environment at EKA to ensure “internationalisation at home”
  • To enhance the quality of the study process at EKA by attracting internationally recognized and qualified teachers to perform academic activities
  • To support tolerance and diversity in the classroom by providing opportunities to develop intercultural and social communication skills among students and staff
  • To raise awareness about environmental and climate-change challenges among students and staff and increase interest in social entrepreneurship in the field of circular economy and environment protection
  • To promote civic engagement and active citizenship among students and staff
  • To increase digital and research competences of EKA students and staff
  • To promote the implementation of innovative teaching methods into the study process
  • To increase the relevance of curricula by strengthening the cooperation with employers and providing problem-based learning and offering international mobility.
  • To increase the number of programmes and study cources taught in English
  • To increase international recognition of EKA and raise its reputational value in the academic and scientific environment
  • To strengthen the existing and to expand the cooperation with other universities, institutions and employers in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America in the field of research and creative activities
  • To enhance the quality of research process at EKA by attracting internationally recognised and qualified researchers to perform scientific activities

IMS2028 goals are aligned with the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme:

  • Inclusion and diversity
  • Digital transformation
  • Participation in democratic life
  • Environment and fight against climate change


2022 - 2024: 2022 - 2024: Erasmus+ KA2 program - Cooperation within project “Boosting Circular Economy Competences for STEM Teachers” (Circular STEM)”

2022 - 2024: Erasmus+ KA2 program - Cooperation within project “Blended Learning and Evaluation Practices for Inclusive Digital Higher Education” (BENEFIT)

2022 - 2024: Within the framework of the EIT HEI Initiative - project "Building Forward Better’ ecosystems - Harnessing the power of networked communities to scale-up and accelerate the impact of entrepreneurial universities – Network IQ Alliance"

2021 - 2024: Within the framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership program - project „Development of a virtual learning space as a tool for developing students′ critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills in the context of COVID19” (VILESA)

2021 - 2024: Within the framework of the Erasmus+ CBHE program - project „Advancing circular economy in partner countries by development and implementation of Master programme "Waste management" (UnWaste)

2019 - 2022: project „Accelerating ICT students′ start-up development competence via interdisciplinary modular courses in the HEI curricula” (UXiship)

2017 – 2020: project Online Master Programme for Circular Economy” (CIRCECO)

2017 – 2018: project Strategic Partnership for Innovation and Development of Entrepreneurship” (SPIDE)

2017 – 2019: project Partnership to develop VET educators in event management with learner-centred approach (InVent)

2017 – 2019: project „Promoting E-Learning for Adults to Improve Quality and Availability of Life-Long Education

2015 – 2016: project "Innovative Strategic Partnership for European Higher Education” (ISPEHE)


On April 22-26, 2024, EKA University of Applied Sciences and Alberta College organizes an International Academic Week 2024!

EKA University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with Alberta College invites academic staff from educational institutions to participate in the International Academic Week (IAW2024), which will take place in Riga on April 22-26, 2024.

International Academic Week is an academic event organized to encourage internationalization of the study process at the EKA University of Applied Sciences and Alberta College. It will be a great opportunity for students to improve their ability to acquire knowledge and communicate in the international environment.

Please fill IAW2024 registration form


Contact information:

EKA Erasmus+ coordinator Marina Tihomirova erasmus@eka.edu.lv

IAW2024 coordinator, Prof. Jelena Titko jelena.titko@eka.edu.lv



The EKA STW2023 International Staff Training Week, hosted by EKA University of Sciences, brought together 34 participants from various EU countries, including Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, and Turkey. Supported by the EKA Scientific Institution, the event aimed to enhance academic staff′s writing and research skills.


Throughout the week, participants engaged in a series of enriching activities, including:



The week culminated with abstract presentations on topics including:

  • Macroeconomic factors affecting job satisfaction.
  • Skills for high-performing study process: Multiple perceptions on the issue.
  • On the Assessment of the Environmental Pillar of ESG Disclosures: A comparative study.
  • The Trust Barriers in Business Settings in Eastern Europe.
  • Challenges of Climate-related Disclosures in Banking Sector: the Case of Baltic States


This diverse range of activities and sessions provided participants with valuable knowledge, skills, and opportunities for academic collaboration.




STW2023 coordinator:

Jevgenija Dehtjare, dr.oec., Head of the Development of the Scientific Institution

e-mail: jevgenija.dehtjare@eka.edu.lv

phone: +371 22 541 338




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Please be informed that this Saturday, 02.12.2023, EKA University of Applied Sciences is closed for technical reasons.. The library is closed.. ALL classes are held REMOTELY.. We apologise for...



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