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The EKA Scientific Council was established on August 23, 2021 by the decision of the Board of the EKA University of Applied Sciences. Its regulation were approved on August 26, 2021 at the EKA Senate meeting. On September 16, 2021, the first meeting of the Scientific Council was organized, where the chairperson of the SC was elected - professor at the EKA - Velga Vēvere.

The competence of the Scientific Council includes:

  • Determination of EKA′s priority research directions;
  • Planning of research work of EKA lecturers and students;
  • EKA scientific event planning;
  • Recommending EKA scientific textbooks for publication;
  • Preparation of proposals for the EKA Senate for the development of scientific activity at the EKA;
  • Evaluation of the execution of the Action Plan of EKA′s Scientific and Creative Action Strategies;
  • Preparing tenders for EKA researchers, leading researchers and scientific assistants and providing recommendations on candidates to the EKA Senate;
  • Evaluating the work performance of EKA professors and associate professors (Article 34(3) of the Law on Universities) and submitting an opinion to the Rector of EKA..

Chairman of the Scientific Council: Prof. Velga Vēvere

Council members:

  • Prof. Inga Šīna, director of the study programs "Management" and "Marketing";
  • Prof. Vita Zariņa, director of the study program "Business Economics";
  • Prof. Jeļena Titko, Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations;
  • Rita Vidže, representative of EKA Student Council, student of the "Management" study programe.

Regulation of the EKA Scientific Council 

Scientific Council members

Velga VēvereDr. Velga VEVERE is a Professor at the EKA University of Applied Sciences; the senior researcher at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the University of Latvia. She is an expert of the Science Council of Latvia in two fields – philosophy and management. Her scientific interests range from the history of philosophy (existentialism, phenomenology, American pragmatism), the contemporary issues in philosophy (social/societal aspects, communication, feminism) to the ones in corporate social responsibility, business ethics. She has published more than 50 articles and 3 monographs.

E-mail: velga.vevere@gmail.com


Inga ŠīnaDr. Inga SHINA is a Professor at the EKA University of Applied Sciences (Latvia). She also holds an administrative position as the Program Director of Master degree program Business Administration and 1st level professional higher education study program Marketing. She is an expert in the field Economics and Entrepreneurship of the Latvian Council of Science; an author of more than 30 scientific papers in the field of economics, business, management and education, corporate social and environmental responsibility; co-author of two books: “Vide un ekonomika” (Environment and Economics) and “Green Economics: Policy and Practice in Eastern Europe”. She is the head of ES Eurydice project, which compiles analytical reports on European national education systems and current education policy issues. She is the Managing Editor of the Scientific Journal “Economics and Business”.

E-mail: inga.shina@gmail.com


Vita ZariņaDr. Vita ZARINA is a Professor and a Director of program Business Economics at the EKA University of Applied Sciences. She has a practical work experience as a chief accountant and director of the Finance Department. Has been an editor of the professional magazine Bilance, has published there several articles, organized round-table discussions on actual topics. Participated in the organization of  international and professional conferences, as well as presented with researches in several international scientific conferences, published researches in scientific journals and proceedings, author and co-author of several textbooks and monographs.

E-mail: vita.zarina@eka.edu.lv

Jeļena TitkoDr. Jelena TITKO graduated from Riga Technical University (2005) and defended her dissertation in 2012. In 2008-2015 worked at Riga Technical University as an academic staff member and a researcher. Currently, holds the positions of the Vice-Rector for Science and International Cooperation and the Professor at EKA University of Applied Sciences, as well as a researcher at the Institute of Economics of the Latvian Academy of Sciences (LATVIA). She is an expert of the Latvian Council of Science in the field of Economics and Entrepreneurship and Education management. The author of more than 70 scientific papers in the field of economics, business, management and education. Expert representing Latvia in Eurydice study “Digital Education at School in Europe”. She is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Economics and Culture” and a member of a scientific board of the journal "Business, Management and Economics Engineering".

E-mail: jelena.titko@eka.edu.lv

Oksana LentjušenkovaDr. Oksana LENTJUŠENKOVA is an Associate Professor at the EKA University of Applied Sciences (Latvia); she also holds an administrative position as a Rector of EKA University of Appried Sciences. In 2006 – 2015 she worked in Alberta College as a director of college. She has teaching experience since 2000. She is an expert in the field of Economics and Entrepreneurship of the Latvian Council of Science. Her research interests are focused in the field of intellectual capital management, quality assurance and strategic management.

E-mail: oksana@augstskola.lv


Rita VidžeRita VIDŽE is a 2015 graduate of EKA University of applied sciences. She has obtained a bachelor′s degree in design and interior designer qualification. Her professional field is art, culture and design. In 2020, Rita Vidže has started her studies in the "Management” study program at EKA University of applied sciences with the aim of developing her professional skills and abilities in this field. Although high results in studies are her main focus, she is also an active student and participates in the activities of the EKA student self-government, the EKA Senate and the EKA Scientific Council.

E-mail: ritavidze@gmail.com





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