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During the studies, every student has the opportunity to join the EKA SP by participating in the daily life of the university, organising events and popularising the university. EKA administration supports students creative expressions and desire to improve the daily lives of other students, as well as encourages various activities. It is the right place for those who want to fully enjoy the study years by actively working and participating in the improvement of students lives.

This is the perfect place for international students too – not only you will express yourself in different ways while working with EKA SP but you will also make unforgettable memories and new friends who will be ready to help you in any situation.

That’s why - come and join us!

The goal and purpose of EKA SP: To defend students academic, material and cultural interests in higher education institutions, private and public institutions.


Ieva Iraida

Ieva Iraida,
President of EKA SP

Ieva is active, helpful, and always committed to doing as much and as well as possible. She knows her goals and strives for them. She tries to maintain a positive atmosphere with laughter and unite others. Ieva is very good at defending her interests and believes that a person′s emotions and feelings are the most important for true and productive work. She knows that successful work is based on a cohesive and motivated team.



Aija Alhimionoka

Aija Alhimionoka,
Vice-Chair of EKA SP

Aija is a very friendly family person and she will always be happy to help someone. She thinks not only about her own future, but also about others too! Aija isn`t afraid to take risks and be different with her style. She is communicative and easy to integrate into society, loves people. She always says what she thinks, stands firmly on her feet, and if she thinks that something should be a certain way, then her thoughts won`t change.




Alta Ābola

Alta Ābola,
Head of Marketing

Alta is positive and always strives for the opportunities and adventures of life. Nevertheless, she knows how to be realistic and responsible. She will look at things with a wide perspective and from multiple resources, wants to find something new and unique that would surprise others.

Alta listens, analyzes, and only then express her opinion. She feels comfortable with positive and responsible people and appreciate humor and pursuit of one′s goals.


Sandra Peļņika

Sandra Peļņika,
Head of Culture

Sandra is an active and cheerful person. She tries to look at all the difficulties of life with a smile on her face and tries to solve them by seeing the positive sides. Sometimes she can be stubborn as she tries to defend herself, her interests and the people she supports. She isn`t afraid of the opinions of others and also express your own. Every day she is bright, loud and always ready to help. Sandra will never refuse to help, she always listens and gives advice - good or bad, it depends on how you use it.

Elizabete Caune

Elizabete Caune,
Head of Communication

Elizabeth is friendly and full of energy. She always looks for and also finds the positive in order to cheer up not only herself, but others too. One call, and Elizabeth will go on an adventure, but will never forget her responsibilities, and all entrusted with responsibility and creativity will lead to the end. She will always explain her poin of views and priorities, but she knows how to respect and listen to others. Elizabeth will be ready to support anyone at any time.



E-mail: ekassp@gmail.com
Instagram: /ekassp
Facebook: /EKAStudentuPasparvalde

EKA University of Applied Sciences
Lomonosova street 1, corp. 5, Room 200.
Rīga, LV - 1019

EKA Students′ Council

Ieva Iraida
President of EKA SP
+371 22047875
Aija Alhimionoka
Vice-Chair of EKA SP
+371 26941430
Alta Ābola
Head of Marketing
+371 22385010
Elizabete Caune
Head of Communication
+371 20235689
Sandra Peļņika
Head of Culture
+371 29148285
Andris Miezis
Head of Academic direction
+371 20235089


EKA SP assistants

Katrīna Uva Jansone
+371 22016729
Laura Zalāne
+371 29918655



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