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EKA University of Applied Sciences is housed in a historic building that was built in 1909 as a Russian Tsar army barracks at the same time as some of the surrounding buildings.

The university spatials have been completely renovated and are suitable for the study process. To make the studies more exciting, several attractive and specialized auditoriums have been created.


Many lectures and seminars for students of the study program "Law" take place in the training courtroom. Also, court proceedings are played in this auditorium, which allows students to better feel the specifics of the profession.


It is equipped with powerful computers and software, which allows students of "International Trade and Logistics" to fully master the study course "Logistics Information Systems", visual aids on the design of dangerous goods, types of cargo containers, as well as geographic maps. Booklets and magazines on transport logistics in English are also available in the auditorium, which can be used not only for logistics, but also for learning a professional foreign language.


The Black auditorium provides ample opportunities for Management of Entertainment Industry and Culture Management students to acquire a variety of professional skills and implement a variety of creative activities. It is completely black, the room has an improvised stage, modern light and sound equipment, as well as a projector with a screen that allows students to practice public speaking and develop acting, as well as watch educational films in a special atmosphere close to the cinema.

Depending on the specific need, the room can be quickly and easily transformed into a theater or cinema hall, as well as a space for active communication and creativity.


The laboratory is designed for game development and testing, so that students of "Computer Game Design and Graphics" (Digimons) can perform their practical work.

It has four workstations: two for Mac and two for Windows - all adapted for testing powerful gaming and virtual reality projects. The equipment also includes seven Android and iOS smart devices to develop and test mobile games, and Oculus Rift equipment for virtual reality projects.

You can also use the widescreen TV and audio system. The laboratory is also equipped with all the necessary software for exporting games to Android and iOS devices. Its layout is designed to adapt to the work of the game development studio already during studies.


In the Painting hall is provided everything so that students of Interior Design and Computer Game Design and Graphics can acquire the drawing and painting skills necessary for the profession in a creative atmosphere, develop a sense of composition and perspective. The room can also be used for various other artistic activities.


EKA students have five computer classrooms with different numbers of computers for both smaller and larger groups of students. Auditoriums are used not only by IT students, but also by students of all other specialties to take courses related to information technologies.


A cozy and modernly equipped library is one of the most important student assistants during studies. Its main task is to provide study and research work with the latest teaching and scientific literature, in accordance with the study programs and the chosen specialization, offering the opportunity not only to use the extensive book and newspaper storage, audio and video materials, but also electronic databases and Internet information sources.

EKA students have at their disposal computers with an Internet connection, as well as the opportunity to print, copy and scan the necessary materials for study needs, as well as to bind the course and practice defense work with a spiral.


In the business incubator EKA students try to hone their ideas with the help of various lectures and creative workshops, working on the development of business models and plans, creating prototypes, learning the main sales tricks and ultimately coming to a completely real opportunity to make money with their idea.


This is a place where every EKA student is invited to have a great time and meet other students in an informal atmosphere. Involvement in the work of Students′ Council gives students the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in organizing cultural, entertainment and educational events. EKA Students′ Council always happy to see new students in the Council room and admit them to their activities!


The university is almost like a second home for a student, because he spends quite a long time here during his studies. Therefore, it is important that the student feels cozy and comfortable here. The feeling of home is created by several lounge areas, where you can chat with a fellow students, wait for the start of the lecture or arrange thoughts before exams.





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Foreign students are invited to apply for vaccination. You can apply for a vaccine against Covid-19 infection:. 1. If you have a bank account registered in Latvia, on the website www.manavakcina.lv....



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Library is working as usual. Librarian is back, and the library is working!. UPDATE! The library works remotely only, consulting by phone, email and transferring book excerpts.. Due to the distance...



International students may enter Latvia. According to the decision of the Latvian government on 21 January 2021, international students may travel to Latvia if they meet all the travel restrictions set...



EKA Business Incubator takes part in a project that educates about environmentally friendly cars. In cooperation with the EKA Business Incubator and with the help of the Head of the Business Incubator,...



Call for applications for the Latvian state scholarships 2021/2022 is open. In accordance with bilateral agreements on co-operation in education and science concluded between Latvian government and a...

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