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Phone: 27040011

E-mail: biblioteka@eka.edu.lv

Address: Lomonosova 1, building 5, room 207, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia



During studies library is one the main aid to students. The EKA University of Applied Sciences(EKA) offers modern equipped library where every student can find necessary literature and, after electronic registration, use the EKA’s electronic catalogue that provides access to books and periodicals.

The main aim of the EKA’s library – to provide appropriate latest educational and scientific literature for studies and research work of our students, to offer a possibility to use the depository of books and newspapers, as well as audio and video materials, and provide access to electronic data bases and informative resources on the Internet in Russian, English, German and other languages.

Today the EKA students have more than 12 000 valuable information items in economics, business, arts and culture history, linguistics, translation and interpretation, management, and social sciences.

Readers can take books home; however, rare publications are available for study process in our modern reading hall.

The EKA invests in new literature for the library’s depository to provide students an access to actual literature and research papers related to their study areas.


To use the library requires identification with bar code (student card, ISIC, ...).

EKA students registered in the library when enrolling.

Information about obtaining books and the timing of the return can be tracked on the website EKA under "My profile" after logging into the system.


Every user of the library can use the library depository, look for and choose needed literature independently and without restrictions.

To make search process efficient use:

  • Indicators and labels on shelves;
  • Shelf index and localization (book position on a shelf);
  • Book reference found in the catalogues that also indicates book position on a shelf;
  • Library employees

To find and choose the book you have to use special shelf markers so that not to mix order of books (markers are located in boxes near the first shelf). Markers should be inserted to place where a book is taken from the shelf. Leaving the depository, shelf markers shall be put back to the box.

Maximal number of the depository visitors is 15 users.

Books are marked with stickers indicating how long a book could be used:

  • red – for using in the library
  • white – for short period (3 days – one month)
  • green – for semester
  • Library of newspapers


The EKA electronic catalogue system NEXUS

Central catalogue system ALEPH

Central catalogue of high schools and specialized libraries (system ALISE)


ACM Digital Library

The ACM Digital Library (DL) is the world’s most comprehensive database of full-text articles and bibliographic literature covering computing and information technology.  This renowned repository includes the complete collection of ACM publications plus an extended bibliographic database of core works in computing from scholarly publishers. 




The data base of multisectoral e-magazines and others e-resources in English. Consists of various full-text and pre-view mode data bases.

EBSCO logo





EBSCO contains magazines from different publishers: Wiley-Blackwell, Springer, Taylor & Francis Group, BioMed Central, Brill Academic Publishers, Bentham Science Publishers etc. EBSCO data base could be used by opening EBSCO host Web and choosing one or various data bases where to search and view information.


  • From the library / university computer network: free
  • Remote logins can be recieved in the library



Google’s academic articles data base, searching by key words or other search parameters. http://scholar.google.lv/


APS (Association for psychological science) journals (registration needed) – http://www.psychologicalscience.org/journals/

ArXiv.org Cornell University’s archive of scientific articles offers more than 400 000 electronic publications in the fields of physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology. The oldest articles available in the library are dated by 1992. All articles are available in PDF or other formats. http://arxiv.org/


BNET  (wide choice or resource searching, registration is needed, offers free resources as well) – http://findarticles.com/p/articles/tn_sports/


Cambridge Journals Online is the data base of mutlisectoral full-text e-magazines published by Cambridge University Press and offering possibility to search information in more than 300 scientific magazines and related Internet sources. http://journals.cambridge.org/action/login

Coachesinfo.com - http://www.coachesinfo.com/index.php


Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) offers free access to full-text articles of scientific magazines. Articles are available in various sectors, in various languages. Now more than 5000 magazines are available, half of them allows search by article’s title or key words. DOAJ contains approximately 500 000 articles. http://www.doaj.org/


Electronic D-Lib Magazine about digital libraries, its research and development, the newest technologies and other issues. http://www.dlib.org/


In Eastview Social Sciences & Humanities data base, more than 80 Russian full-text magazines in social sciences and the humanities are available. http://dlib.eastview.com/


e-Journals - Links to scientific magazines on the Internet ordered by sectors. Partly magazines have free access, partly – paid; depends on specific magazine or data base offering it. http://www.e-journals.org/


Electronic Journal of Sociology - http://www.sociology.org/


Electronic Journals Library - The data base of magazines in different languages and different sciences. Full texts of articles are available for part of magazines. http://elibrary.ru/defaultx.asp


Emerald is full texts data base in different sciences, especially in economics and management, library science and information sciences. http://www.emeraldinsight.com/search.htm


First Monday Magazine is about the Internet and global information infrastructure, including political and regulating questions, economical, technical and social factors of the Internet content etc. http://firstmonday.org/


Genamics JournalSeek offers e-magazines ordered by science sectors, links to 100 000 magazines. The data base offers bibliographical information of a magazine, short description and link to a magazine’s internet page in free or paid access data base. Access to magazines’ articles summaries or full texts depends on specific publisher or data base. Possible to search magazines by title or ISSN or view them by sectors. http://journalseek.net/


HeinOnline is full-text magazines data base in the field of law, offering to look for information in more than 1000 law magazines, starting from the first numbers. HeinOnline contains full-text law books, annuals, the USA legislative acts, agreements and other documents. HeinOnline consists of various collections where to search and view information.  http://heinonline.org/HOL/Welcome


HighWire Press Stanford University Library’s publisher HighWire Press offers free access to more than 1,5 millions full-text articles. Possible to search in magazines of other publishers; however, access to those magazines is restricted. In total, the data base contains more than 4 millions articles from 1500 magazines. http://highwire.stanford.edu/


Information Research - International scientific magazine with research results in different fields connected to information. http://informationr.net/ir/


Innovations and Technologies News is multisectoral scientific magazine published in Latvia. Its electronic version is available on the Internet. Partly articles have full-texts, partly – only abstracts (section Abstract Review). http://innovationsline.com/data3/


Available five full-text magazines published by International Scientific Publications: Ecology & Safety, Economy & Business, Educational Alternatives Language, Individual & Society, Materials, Methods & Technologies. http://www.science-journals.eu/


Jaunā Gaita is exile Latvian publication issued from 1955. „Jaunā Gaita” is illustrated collection of articles for culture and free idea containing exile’s and Latvia’s Latvians literary works, translations of foreign writers’ works, literature critics, articles on history and art. The collection of articles contains photos and art works reproductions. http://zagarins.net/jg/iz_JG_arhiviem.htm


JURN directory offers links to thousands of magazines in arts and humanities ordered by sectors. Access to full-text articles is free or partly free. http://www.jurn.org/directory/


Open J-Gate provides electronic free access to magazine articles from all over the world. Open J-Gate is the data base of magazines containing around 8000 free access magazines, half of which are peer-reviewed and offer links to full-text articles in publishers’ and other Internet pages. Open J-Gate offers users various search and view options. http://www.openj-gate.com/Search/QuickSearch.aspx


Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database) is company’s Euromonitor Interantional on-line information system that supports studies and research in different fields – international business and marketing, economics, international relationships, tourism, social sciences. Passport GMID is one of the most significant information resources for business students and one of the leading information sources in the international marketing. http://www.portal.euromonitor.com/Portal/Pages/Magazine/WelcomePage.aspx


SAGE Journals Online is full-text magazines’ data base by publisher SAGE that offers articles from more than 500 magazines. The data base includes various sciences – humanities and social sciences, health sciences, life and biomedical sciences, materials science and engineering etc. SAGE offers fast and advance search options, view of articles by sectors and view of magazines by alphabet or by sectors. http://online.sagepub.com/


Scientific Journals International (SJI) publishes more than 100 scientifically reviewed free access magazines in all sciences.  http://www.scientificjournals.org/


SpringerLink offers access to more than 2500 magazines in English and German published by Springer. The data base includes full-text magazines in different sciences: biomedicine and life sciences, humanities, social sciences and law, medicine, engineering, earth and environmental science, chemistry and materials, computer science, mathematics and statistics, physics and astronomy. http://www.springerlink.com/home/main.mpx


The Economist offers information and opinions about international news, politics, economics, science and technologies. The on-lain version includes all articles of printed magazine from the year 2000, and additional information – blogs of specialists, debates, audio and video materials. http://www.economist.com/


The Education Research Global Observatory (ERGO) is Colorado University’s project that creates and maintains list of free access magazines of education sector. http://www.ergobservatory.info/ejdirectory.html


The European Library digital libraries’ portal provides united access to digital collections of many European countries’ national libraries. Incunabulum, periodicals etc. are available. http://search.theeuropeanlibrary.org/portal/en/index.html


Versita Open (New!) - Free access full-text data base Versita Open of electronic publisher Versita contains around 200 scientific magazines of various European universities and research institutes in different sectors, in English. Among them magazines published in Latvia: Proceedings of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. Section B: Natural, Exact and Applied Sciences”; „Latvian Journal of Chemistry”; „Latvian Journal of Physics and Technical Sciences” http://versitaopen.com/ 




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Partners have made useful video about EKA. We always welcome guests, and recently our partners from Uzbekistan, Agency REALIZE.UZ visited our HEI. They’ve made a great clip about Riga and us:....

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