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Bachelor Study Programme


According to the report "The Future of Jobs 2020", changes in the demand for labor by occupation are predicted. Specialists in digital marketing take the 4th place for the most demanded specialists in the future. In the study program, great emphasis is placed on digital marketing, offering students both special study courses and the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills in practical workshops.

The program is based on a workshop - based learning approach: part of the limited choice study courses are mostly workshops, where students together with industry professionals will work on solving practical tasks and develop skills in developing marketing solutions.

Degree to Be Achieved: Bachelor of Social Sciences in Marketing and Advertising.

Acreditation: Study programme will be available from February 2022.

Admission requirements

  • A general secondary education diploma.
  • First level professional higher education (for studies at a later stages).

Admission reguirements for foreign students are available HERE.

Aim and learning outcomes of the study programme


  • To prepare marketing specialists with analytical and systemic thinking, whose knowledge and skills allow to plan and organize marketing activities in an organization.


  • Know the concepts and principles of marketing.
  • Know marketing management principles and technique.


  • Able to run a marketing department.
  • Able to provide arguments to discuss the current issues of marketing.
  • Capable of conducting research and interpret the results about marketing processes within the company.
  • Able to independently direct the competence development in marketing science.
  • Able to organize work independently.
  • Able to work in a team.


  • Able to collect and analyze marketing information using a variety of methods and information and communication technologies.
  • Able to make decisions about an organization′s marketing activities using various types of information.
  • Able to find solutions in the course of the research study or to the problems identified by an organization′s marketing performance analysis.

Period of studies

Full time studies (3 years)


Working days, usually 09:00 - 15:50

Study courses


  • IIntroduction To Studies
  • Management
  • Sales Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Business Economics and Planning
  • Regulatory Framework Of Business
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Accounting
  • Statistics
  • Research Methodology
  • MicroeconomicsMacroeconomics
  • Labor, Environmental And Civil Protection
  • Study paper
  • Latvian language (for foreign students)


Block „Internship

  • Internship at Business incubator

Block „Marketing and types of marketing

  • Marketing
  • Workshop "Digital Marketing"
  • Workshop "Event Marketing"
  • Workshop "Influencer Marketing"
  • Workshop "Content Marketing"

Block „Marketing Communication and Psyhology

  • The Psychology of Communication
  • Workshop  "Visual Communication"
  • Workshop “The Art of Speech and Presentation"
  • Marketing Communication

Block „Modern Marketing Research

  • Workshop "Digital Analysis (SEO, SEA)"
  • Sociology
  • Consumer Behavior in the Market

Block „Marketing Management"

  • Marketing Planning
  • Workshop "Creative ideas"
  • Branding

Block „Marketing Solutions”

  • Workshop "Digital un Social Media Marketing DSMM"
  • Workshop "Multimedia Solutions"

Block "Foreign Languages"

  • Professional Foreign Language I
  • Professional Foreign Language II


  • Bachelor Paper

Opportunities after graduating

Where to Work?

Graduates of the EKA University of Applied Sciences (EKA) are able to sustain the highest level of competition in labour markets in Latvia and the European Union. Our graduates successfully take manager positions in the sphere of finance, economics, accounting, solve analytical and management problems.

On completing the EKA study programmes, our students find a job in the sphere of manufacturing, in service and trade sectors, tourism companies, banks, insurance and auditing companies, state and municipal institutions, companies and organizations, joint enterprises, braches of foreign companies etc.

Where to Continue Studies/International Studies:

After graduating from the EKA students are able to continue studies at Master degree programmes in Latvia and other countries. That is possible due to international students exchange projects.

The EKA has concluded ERASMUS cooperation agreements with higher educational institutions in France, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Germany, and Hungary. Every year list of the EKA University of Applied Sciences partners is expanded with new partners. Every year students and lecturers participate in exchange programmes.

The EKA University of Applied Sciences is a member of the Baltic University Programme that unites 160 universities in 14 countries of the Baltic Sea region.



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