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"Brainstorm" – because the greatest success starts with an idea

Brainstorming is a method of solving a problem, in which several participants express their ideas as much as possible, from which only a few are later selected as possible solutions to the problem. In this process, it is essential not to focus on the evaluation of ideas, but on the generation of ideas. It is similar to the study process at the EKA University of Applied Sciences, where the most important thing is the opportunity for students to actively participate, express their opinion and generate new ideas. That is why the 3rd floor of the new building of EKA University of Applied Sciences is called "Brainstorm". On this floor are the study halls where most of the lectures will take place.

EKA University of Applied Sciences prepares industry leaders, so the active involvement of students in the learning process is important from the first day of study. Nowadays, lectures are no longer organized according to the format " the lecturer speaks, students only listen and write down", on the contrary - in the study process (in every subject) it is essential to define the problem, jointly generate ideas and discuss possible solutions, as well as collect, select and evaluate these ideas to find the perfect fit.

"We are sure that our students can be the engines that generate ideas, besides, they know how to reason and defend their opinion, that′s why we chose the name "Brainstorm" for one of the floors of the new building. It is also a way to remind how important mutual cooperation and team are," says university rector Oksana Lentyushenkova.

The study process at the EKA University of Applied Sciences is designed so that, regardless of the chosen study program, students improve critical thinking and the ability to solve problems - skills that every leader needs. The concept of the 3rd floor is designed to remind students of these skills and promote their development. At the same time, it is an opportunity to remind that the results of the study process depend on the active involvement of all parties, including the student himself.

It′s no secret that students should also be responsible for the quality of education, that is, how motivated a student is, how much he is ready to get involved in the process, greatly affects the educational process and its quality. When getting involved in the study process, there must be a desire to get an education, because no one else will do it for us. We are sure that the "Brainstorm" concept will contribute to this desire.




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