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"Bosses" - a floor for the management team and those who want to become managers

It is no secret that the path to a leading position is not always easy, climbing the career ladder requires time, motivation and experience. In order to remind in a light and positive way that it takes time to build a career, as well as to emphasize that a leader lives in each of us, the highest (4th floor) of the new building of the EKA University of Applied Sciences has been named "Bosses". This name was given to the floor because the administration and rectorate of the university are located there, as well as the auditoriums for those studying "Management".

The EKA University of Applied Sciences prepares industry leaders, so all study programs are designed in such a way that students learn the skills and competences needed by every manager, regardless of the chosen field of activity.


In addition to professional knowledge and skills, students get the opportunity to develop critical thinking, learn various learning strategies, solve complex problems and define goals, improve leadership and motivational skills, learn time planning and prioritization, improve presentation and speaking skills, develop flexibility and the ability to find solutions in non-standard situations and improve communication skills and the ability to work in teams. The symbolic name of the 4th floor "Bosses" reminds us that in order to successfully manage a team, department or company, it is necessary to step by step, improve your knowledge and skills by learning the things mentioned above.

On the other hand, the university′s administration and the rector′s office are located on the 4th floor for the sake of convenience – by being together, it is possible to work much more efficiently. It will also be much more convenient for employees and students, if necessary, when all representatives of the administration and management are located on the same floor.

"Success in the professional and private spheres largely depends on attitude, communication skills, emotional intelligence and a whole series of other personal qualities. Also from perseverance and willingness to work and learn to achieve the goal. That′s why the highest floor of the new building is also called "Bosses" - it is freely accessible to every student, reminding us that each of us can become a leader, while climbing to the 4th floor is a reminder that you have to work hard to achieve a leadership position." says university rector Oksana Lentyushenkova.





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"Bosses" - a floor for the management team and those who want to become managers. It is no secret that the path to a leading position is not always easy, climbing the career ladder requires time, motivation...



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