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The study programme “Computer Game Design and Graphics” is realised in the study field “Arts” since September 2018. Graduates of the programme receive a professional bachelor′s degree in design with a specialization in computer game design and a qualification of graphic designer.

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Contact email: dig@eka.edu.lv

Aims and objectives of the study programme

Aims of the study programme::

  • To provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies set in design and computer game design and graphics according to the 6th level of the framework defined in the Latvian education classification.
  • Train designers, who possess extensive knowledge of game design and art, specific skills in computer games development, technology, graphic design and art project management and the competence that allows them to be competitive in the labour market in Latvia and abroad, as well as perform creative activity in the status of self-employed.

Study programme objectives:

  • Provide the study process that meets the requirements of regulatory enactments and labour market, as well as a student-centred approach to higher education.
  • Ensure the acquisition of basic and specialised knowledge and skills specific for the profession of design industry (especially computer game design) and graphic designer, their critical understanding and compliance with the highest level of industry achievements in art and technology.
  • Provide teaching staff qualification in design, research and creative activities.
  • Provide and develop scientific research and creative activity in the study programme.
  • Provide and develop the infrastructure and facilities in accordance with the study programme implementation needs.
  • Develop international collaboration with related higher education institutions, enterprises and organizations.

Learning outcomes of the study programme

Knowledge (knowledge and comprehension)

  • Knows design and specialized computer games’ and graphic design concepts and theories.
  • Knows graphics and computer game design history and contemporary development trends.
  • Is familiar with the graphic and computer design guidelines, technology and software.
  • Understands the importance of professional ethics in computer game design.

Skills (the ability to apply knowledge, communication, general skills)

  • Is able to choose graphics and computer game design development methods, artistic techniques and software.
  • Is able to justify the use of images, stories, playability, strategies and concepts in computer games.
  • Knows how to prepare a computer game design documentation.
  • Is able to analyse the computer game target audience, the development period of time, budget, and marketing communications.
  • Is able to organise their work.
  • Is able to work in a team with other professionals in the professional field.

Competence (analysis, synthesis, evaluation)

  • Is able to obtain, select and analyse the information required.
  • Is able to offer creative solutions to the problems identified in graphics and computer games design fields.
  • Is able to use various types of information in decision-making during the development of computer games.



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